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Onsite and Incloud Computing Solutions

Remote-access, Data-Sharing, Disaster-recovery
Desktops/Thin Clients, Storage and Servers

We supply, commision and support best-of-breed Onsite and Incloud solutions. These include virtual PCs and/or servers which replace some or all of your physical PCs. This greatly reduces on-site complexity, reduces on-site support, and gives built in data-backup, protection and disaster recovery. We also provide hosting for your data, email, intranet and website.


Websites and Email

Design, Setup, hosting, advice and support

We provide comprehensive design, hosting and support services at competitive rates - ensuring that these important components are an integrated and cohesive part of your technical infrastructure.

Please review some examples we have consulted on and those we have designed and hosted: InHotel, LADN, Pre-School, Lakeview.


Virtual PCs/Thin Clients

Reduce ownership and maintenance costs

Virtual PCs work by hosting all user applications (operating system, office, etc) - replacing on-site PCs and multiple copies of software. Users use the same monitor, keyboard, printers etc. and a small device (thin client) connects these to the host.

This report by gives a good overview of the concepts and many benefits: why thin clients?

Hosted Servers and Data

Data security, automatic backup, remote access, disaster recovery

Your servers and/or central data store is often a vital part of your business - if its disrupted in anyway, so is the business.

Having in-cloud servers / data storage places this key business component in a highly secure and safe environment. Our servers are health monitored 24/7 with full protection from threats such as power disruption, theft and system failure.

Local and remote access is highly safe and available. Hosted servers require no on-site support, room-space or environmental conditioning. Expansion can be as and when required without disruption and business data is automatically backed up. Please contact us with your outline requirements for a comprehensive and cost-effective quotation.


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